Steven Vitali - Hollywood Score Composer

Steven, a composer of many accolades, contests to be a "very fortunate guy." He aspires to be nothing but the best he can be. 

Steven Vitali's Masterful Music - Score Composer 
Steven Vitali's music is the perfect artistic marriage for large or small screen film productions.

2017 - Currently Steven Vitali is scoring music for two 'Feature Films' and one made for television, 'Feature Documentary'.

Vitali is gaining a worldwide reputation as a multi-instrumentalist. Steven Vitali is able to explain music to a wide audience, in a clear and definitive manner. Steven Vitali's masterful music is built on romantic structure. It is all at once lyrical, rhythmical, and harmonically opulent. Vitali is a composer, arranger, and performer, equally at home writing for radio, the concert hall, or for film. 

Compelling musical themes, moving lyrical phrasing, powerful crescendos and genius auditory imaging are just a few ways that Steven's score compositions have been described. No matter what the film style. Steven's music perfectly compliments every cinematic mood and theme. He creates arrangements that resonate with form and originality. Imperceptibly and seamlessly, his scores flow between each frame and completes the composition. 

Powerful Music Mood Builder 

Steven Vitali's music appeals to anyone who has a desire for inspiration and tranquility. Vitali's music is a powerful mood builder for radio, film, and television. His music attracts those searching for beauty in life's experiences, and yet is known to excite and thrill audiences. 

Steven finds inspiration in matters of the heart, reflection in nature's own, water and sunsets. Even though this genre of music is often categorized as New Age, it is the reflection of age old magic and serenity. 




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