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"I have always believed that it's the roads in which we choose to take, that determines and leads us to the dreams we make". A quote of mine that I had created some time ago.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making my childhood dreams become a reality, and for your continued support. This road I share with you.
My music is an extension of who I am, and my love for my family, friends, and fans. Love, Steven Vitali.


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March 23rd, 2017      

Radio Review by     
 Candice Michelle 
Journey Scapes Radio
 United States, Florida

 Album Review of Greatest Hits Vol. 2 by Steven Vitali 

Greatest Hits Vol. 2 is a collection of sixteen pieces culled from a three-decade span of works by California-based composer/musician Steven Vitali. His music first debuted on Canadian airwaves in 1988 with a song called “Eternity”, which was eventually followed up with his debut album, Come Dream With Me, released in 1989. Totaling sixty-seven minutes in length, Greatest Hits Vol. 2 weaves new age, neoclassical and contemporary instrumental styles of music that variably range from boldly cinematic to quietly contemplative, as environmental nature sounds along with touches of world music are additionally sprinkled throughout. 

Introducing the album is a piece from Vitali’s 2006 release, Quiet Moments, titled “Tranquil Thoughts”, which opens with breezy intonations of Japanese flute amidst the sound of ocean waves gently rolling in. A soothing piano melody ensues, as Vitali’s fingertips climb softly up and down the keys, effectively invoking an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Following next is “Andrew’s Song”, taken from the album, Invitation to Dream. Boasting a sweeping and tender arrangement, the piece initially begins with a solo keyboard melody, as more symphonic and rhythmic elements are brought into the fold. Track numbers four and five include a pair of notable pieces also culled from Quiet Moments. The first of these, “The Winds of Time”, begins with the churning of the ocean’s tides, as an introductory harp recalls that of a stage curtain being pulled back on a dance performance or play. Melodic piano and strings provide gentle accompaniment throughout, as the distant call of seagulls seemingly drift in and out of rising mists from the sea. Descending wind gusts accompanied by the sounds of thunder and rainstorm quietly introduce “Heaven’s Harp”, eventually giving way to a more classically-infused melody of delicate harp and strings. The album seemingly reaches its zenith midway through with the eighth track, “A Sign of the Dragon”, a particularly lovely composition taken from the 2013 release, Language of the Soul. Proceeding with a flash of tinkling chimes, images are recalled of the mythical Far East. Imbued with a somewhat formidable yet whimsically magical essence, added cinematic and rhythmic elements lend a Yin-Yang balance of both delicate beauty and striking power. It’s easily my favorite piece on the album, even bearing some reminiscence to the fantasy-themed music of Medwyn Goodall. “Everything Happens for a Reason” is another highlight likewise taken from Language of the Soul, as well as perhaps the album’s most emotive composition. Illuminated by sparkling key strokes throughout, a symphonic arrangement of string and brass instruments are laid over of a steady, moderately-paced rhythm. Eventually pausing for a bridge of subtle ethnic chant, this wonderful number ultimately culminates with an essence of existential wonder and forging ahead in life. Concluding the album with a lively mood of festivity is another piece lifted from Quiet Moments, titled “On the Mountain”. Here, cinematic strings and choral textures are guided by a waltzing rhythm that leads right though the entrance of a grand palace of celebration. 

 Lightly touching upon influential works of composers such as Hans Zimmer, Vangelis and Yanni, this rewarding collection of songs range from sweepingly cinematic to quietly contemplative. Likewise characterized by romantic overtones of classical elegance throughout its course, Greatest Hits Vol. 2 offers a definitive, well-rounded introduction to the music of Steven Vitali, no less providing new listeners with an excellent place to start! ~ Candice Michelle


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There Is ‘Romance in Romania’ Says A Steven Vitali Fan
When two lovers come together along with a lock and Steven Vitali's Music.
Story by Constantin Ivanes - A Chain on the Bridge.
A Steven Vitali fan calls a radio station in Romania.
Read this heart warming and romantic story that is told and written in this review.

March 20th, 2017     

Radio Review by    
Constantin Ivanes  
Radio Domeldo – listen with your heart

A Chain on the Bridge 

In this part of the world – goes the saying of a famous European artist - it is terribly difficult to amaze people with anything new. In terms of music, one could think that everything has already been said, and if someone really wants something new, well…..he or she should look somewhere else. You haven’t listened to Steven Vitali, I told to myself, and this thought of mine just would not let me alone. You’ll see why. 
Let me start with the beginning. Day by day I am literally bombarded with music. I listen over and over again to albums that unveil their musical identity, which I have not encountered anywhere else. All those who send them to me wait for a verdict. Sometimes the skies are clear and sunny, other times cloudy and discouraging. The artist, the creator of the music I am writing about today, is not physically in front of me. But a tiny CD, a small piece of matter, brings close to me a part of his spiritual universe. This is how it happened with Steven Vitali. Relatively little time has passed between his previous album, Language of the Soul (2013), e melange of joy, the sun, and sentiment, and his present Greatest Hits 2. The strong lines of his dominating art all remain the same, paradoxically being more serene, artistically higher. By listening to Steven Vitali’s music the critics in Europe found out that there is still room for something new, so not everything has already been said, as my artist friend would claim. This is powerfully confirmed by Radio Domeldo’s listeners via their feedback to our station, namely that his songs, like Soul and Senses,  Forever Germaine or Piano in Paris, are real oases of peace and harmony, islands colored in green, in love. Today’s listener desperately needs this, as his life unfolds in a more and more stressful environment. 

As a confirmation of all of the above comes to an apparently insignificant story if I were to isolate it from its context, but which tells more than a thousand reviews of Steven Vitali’s music. One of the listeners of my radio show Forays of a Music Lover called the station and people listened to his story. He was all excited and went: you know what I did after I listened to Steven Vitali’s song Piano in Paris? I downloaded it from the internet and saved it on the smallest memory card, then I bought the biggest lock I could find in town, I inserted the card into the lock (it went in easily, as the opening for the key was kind of large), and me with my left hand and my girlfriend Maria with her right hand locked in the lock on the Lover’s Bridge in our town. Ours is hanging now next to the others. However, unlike all other locks, inside ours, there’s the most romantic music I have ever heard - Steven Vitali’s Piano in Paris, which has become the music of our love. Thank you, Steven, wherever you are! 
Well, there is hardly anything to add, so here I sign.

Constantin Ivanes  



Radio domeldofinal logo

În partea acesta de lume, Europa, – spunea un cunoscut artist, e greu, teribil de greu astăzi să mai uimești lumea cu ceva ieșit din comun. S-ar spune că în materie de muzică totul a cam fost spus și dacă chiar dorești ceva nou, caută în altă parte… Nu l-ai ascultat pe Steven Vitali, gândeam, și gândul chiar nu-mi dădea pace – o să vedeți de ce.  

Să încep cu începutul: sunt asaltat zi de zi de muzică. Ascult și iar ascult albume care, acum în fața mea, criticul, își descoperă identitatea muzicală pe care n-am mai întâlnit-o altundeva. Toți cei care mi le-au trimis așteaptă din parte-mi un verdict. Care verdict vine. Uneori e senin și îmbucurător dar alteori rece și descurajant… Omul viu, creator al muzicii care m-a emoționat, nu e, fizic în fața mea. Un disc micuț, o bucățică de materie acolo, îmi aduce o parte din universul lui spiritual. Așa s-a întâmplat cu Steven Vitali. De la albumul lui precedent – Language of the Soul (2013) – un melange de bucurie, soare și sentiment și până la cel de acum – Greatest Hits 2 n-a trecut decât puțin timp și, cu toate astea, dominantele artei lui rămân aceleași dar sunt mai sensibile, mai înalte artistic, mai senine în expresie. Ascultând muzica lui Steve Vitali, criticii din Europa au aflat că, iată, mai există loc pentru nou – și prin urmare nu s-a spus tot, cum insinua personajul cu care am început aceste rânduri, iar ascultătorii confirmă – prin feedback-ul lor către Radio Domeldo, cel de aici din România, că multe din melodiile lui (de la Soul and Senses, la Forever Germaine sau Piano in Paris) sunt oaze de pace și armonie – insule colorate cu verde, cu iubire adică, pe care le descoperi în universul nu foarte optimist în care trăiește omul de azi…  

Și ca o confirmare a celor scrise mai sus, vine o întâmplare, măruntă și neimportantă aș spune, dacă aș extrage-o din context. Dar spune mai mult decât o sută de cronici pentru muzica lui Steven Vitali. Iat-o: Un ascultător al emisiunii mele, Incursiunile unui meloman (Forays of a Music Lover) mă sună în emisie și lumea, astfel, îi află povestea. Este exaltat, și “după ce am ascultat, cu sufletul la gură, melodia-minune a lui Steven, Piano in Paris, știți ce am făcut? Am găsit melodia lui Steven Vitali, am înregistrat-o pe cel mai mic card de telefon, am cumpărat cel mai mare lacăt pe care l-am găsit în oraș, am pus cardul înăuntru (culmea, a intrat!, căci locul era mare) și, eu cu mâna stângă iar iubita mea, Maria, cu mâna dreaptă, am închis, împreună, lacătul, pe podul iubirii. Lângă celelalte lacăte, stă acum și al nostru. Numai că în interiorul lui e cea mai romantică muzică pe care am ascultat-o vreodată – melodia lui Steven Vitali, Piano in Paris – cea care, de atunci, a devenit muzica iubirii noastre. Mulțumiri, Steven, oriunde te-ai afla!”  

Nu mai am nimic de scris! De aceea, mă semnez,  


Radio Domeldo – ascultă cu inima  

Cluj-Napoca, România 


Radio domeldofinal logo

Feb 27th, 2017    

Radio Review by    
Phase Global Radio.Com
Australia, Europe, United States 

New Age Music’s Remarkable Steven Vitali is Back with a Brilliant New Album, Greatest Hit’s Volume 2! 

For over 20 years Steven Vitali’s music has been enjoyed and listened to by millions of people in an estimated 100 countries. 

He has worked with such wonderful artists as Celine Dion performing for her in his native country Canada, scored music for films & television and even managed to find the time for publishing magazines. This extremely talented New Age Music Instrumentalist, Composer and Musician is back with his latest album, Steven Vitali Greatest Hits Volume 2 released by MGM Records Hollywood. 

This new album takes us back to some wonderful compositions that Steven has written over the years, its filled with some of his most stunning music that has catapulted his popularity to all 4 corners of the globe. It contains 16 tracks in total, each one of them holds a resonance of time, space and memories reaching out to the listener, providing a tranquil moment in a very hectic world. 

We re-visit such classics as “Everything Happens for a Reason” was a piece inspired by Vitali’s friend Larry Dunn. Elegant keyboard fans out and encapsulates the musical landscape. Electronic elements span out across the background, bleeding into the picture like a watercolor stretching across a paper canvas. Rife with color and texture, this piece is joyful and spontaneous. Vocals pop in at the last segment of the song, highlighted with glittering percussion. The composition and arrangement of this piece is very well done and it captured my attention immediately. 

“A Sign of the Dragon” begins with a foreboding Asian flare. Like the soundtrack for a beautifully costumed drama set in the Far East in the time of ninjas and warring dynasties, this piece holds wisps of the past. Electronic keyboard components pop and bring the track back to modern times. Chanting and a spiraling percussive element add layers and complexity to the song. Sounds of wind, water and elemental magic stir the imagination as the listener bear witness to the mystery and majesty of a being lost in the mists of time. If you listen closely, you can hear the brush of the dragon’s wings, it’s such a lovely track.   

These are just 2 of the tracks, this whole album filled with simply breathtaking music and it clearly showcases the wonderful musical career that Steven has had to date. 

Steven Vitali has a way of grasping the emotional energy of a memory or situation and giving it life within a few notes of well orchestrated music. As with his last studio album “Language of the Soul” his “Greatest Hits Volume 2” picks up on exactly what the title claims it to be, a musical journey in the life of an extraordinary and very talented musician. This album is a musical window to the inner life of a very unique and gifted artist. Instruments include keyboards, piano, guitar, drums and percussion. This album is a relaxing soundscape of eloquently put together electronic sound and classical improvisation. We enjoyed it immensely and it is a perfect way to end a very busy day. 

Steven Vitali began his musical journey with an upright piano and a dream. Twenty something years later he is still making music and sharing his gift of emotionally intuitive musical masterpieces. New Age music lovers and instrumental music lovers in general will marvel at the brilliance of this very talented artist. We are sure millions of Steven Vitali fans across the world and plenty of new fans will be delighted and no doubt looking forward to more! 

PhaseGlobalRadio.Com is proud to bring you Steven Vitali’s Greatest Hits Volume 2 as one of our preferred new age albums, it’s proudly featured as recommended listening and certainly should be included in your music CD collection.

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